The Big Alpine Smoke stands for an unique competition, enjoyment & friendship. It has been the official qualification for the

Cigar Smoking World Championship for Switzerland and Liechtenstein since 2013.


The results at the Big Alpine Smoke are effective to the world ranking and we invite participants of all nationalities.


The Cigar Smoking World Championship - the Gran Finale - has been taking place in Split, Croatia since 2009.

In 42 countries on 4 continents, slow smokers qualify for this exclusive event.


New location:


The Big Alpine Smoke will take place on Saturday, July 4th, 2020 as part of the BIG SMOKE close to Zurich.

Join the largest festival in Switzerland dedicated to the premium cigar.


In the Dielsdorf Horse Race Course, the cigar industry presents itself with an illustrative selection of brands

meet exciting new product.

There is everything that makes life (even) more beautiful: there are all kinds of delights on the BBQ buffet and the

finestdistillates that go with the cigar are in the glass.


Let everydays life behind: at the roulette table, at blackjack, poker and at the exclusive horse race. With some luck,

great prizes are waiting for the you. Like-minded people, old friends and new acquaintances meet at the Big Smoke.

There is space and time to get to know each other, to exchange ideas - and to simply enjoy!

Organizers for Switzerland & Pricipality of Liechtenstein:


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